Angela has helped me through the rocky roads of my life and actually predicted events that have proved true within days.  Shocking? No...Angela is gifted and giving and worth every penny that she charges....a Shrink charges far more and far less on top of what is to come.


I would be bereft without her spiritual counseling and am grateful to God that I can call her on her which I am about to do shortly. She is keen with animals and with people...and her positive energies have helped all of us feline/canine/human in our household.  God Bless Angela and her brilliant insight!!!


Call her today stop being in the dark when Angela can put you in the light.


 — Linda O.


I always leave sessions with Angela feeling clearer and a lot lighter. Her perspectives are full of life-changing insight and often bring a sense of humor where unexpected. Such a refreshing way to work! Angela is a true angel on earth.


—Adelle G.


Angela is a beautiful soul. Her gifts are strong and her heart is so generous. As an energy healer and clairvoyant, Angela is able to help you move through whatever is in your way. There is a lightness to her. She isn't some dark, serious, witchy woman — she really is like an angel. Filled with light and a big heart, she works from a place of love and gives so much of herself to all her clients. I am grateful to know her!


—Sarah T.

Angela Zeyn is one of those remarkable people who is genuinely connected to nature.  She knows how to read the signs that many of us don't even notice, often taking her cues for guidance and wisdom from the wildlife she encounters.


She is truly connected to the universe.


I have been the lucky recipient of more than one healing session from Angela and I can attest to the fact that it is always an enriching and liberating experience.


Angela is a talented practitioner and a generous soul who seems to have the ability to tap into an unlimited reserve of goodness and bounty that the world has to offer. Her skill at channeling that healing energy to us all is even more precious a gift when shared.  Thank you!


— Pauline Adamek


Angela is a truly gifted healer, intuit and medium. Her ability to see what is unseen is uncanny. She tunes in on a level I have rarely experienced and delivers wisdom that always fills me with a deep knowing and a sense of relief."


— Sarah Taylor

"My dear have grown into a more spiritually connected person with an increased capacity for growth and sensitivity towards others. through your artwork you have developed a greater awareness of your creative potential."You are ever more wonderful to know.


"Talent's a gift. Character's a choice."


 — Sam Milgrom