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I experienced a miracle which brought about a clear calling within me to go fourth out into the world to help the many that are without a voice; meaning those who are incapable of speaking.

For almost two decades I have been attuned with my gift as a clairvoyant/medium/healer. Throughout the years I have been blessed to assist many individuals along their path of growth, healing, spiritual awakening and coming to peace. It has been told to me by many spirits who have passed from this world that it is my calling to help them speak to their loved ones, to give them a voice. The miracle I experienced showed me clearly that my bigger calling is to give voice to the ones who are still alive, so they may pass peacefully or just be heard and understood clearly as they live.

This calling is a true blessing and my greatest passion to fulfill. These people exist in many different states of being. It may be Autism, Catatonia, Coma, Alzheimer’s, mental illness or any reason of which communication is not possible.

Angela was very instrumental in communicating with my mother before she passed. My mother had a disease that left her non-communicative. I asked Angela to come to the nursing home to see if she could talk through my mother since I couldn’t. Angela was able to communicate immediately with my mom and it was very enlightening! There were things Angela said that only my mom would have known. How I liked the way she made chocolate pudding, our pets, our relatives, and how proud my mom was of the woman I had become (that part made me cry). My mom had never met Angela before and she too was surprised that Angela could communicate for her! It gave me great comfort to know that my mom was ready to pass on, but that would still be with me in the afterlife. My mom passed away two weeks later and I’m so grateful to Angela for her gift of speaking for the speechless. I would highly recommend Angela to anyone that has a friend or relative that needs help in communicating with a loved one.


Dana M.

Angela came with me for moral support one day to visit my mother in the nursing home. It was very hard for me to see my mother being that she had been catatonic for many years and her body had become contorted. There was no intentions of Angela communicating with my mother, so when it happened it was amazing and very emotional for us all. To have a way to communicate with my mother after all of those years was a miracle.


She told Angela she was sick on the second visit and Angela advised me to tell the Doctor on staff, even though he looked at us kind of funny, like how could we know that. The next day my mother was rushed to the hospital and placed in the ICU for a very bad infection.


From then on Angela frequently visited my mother with me and my other family members, facilitating many conversations about the past, present and the future of what was to come for her life’s end. My mother passed away within a couple months and she did so with a peace and closure in her heart and ours that could not have been, without the assistance of Angela’s gifts.


I witnessed Angela wake up to a new blessing and gift in her abilities. She was a gift to all of us and I strongly support her in helping others to be able to communicate.


Julio S.


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