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Psychic Readings entail a clearing and clairvoyant reading of your space (aura, chakras, and creative channels). I tune into what your body and spirit is calling for to improve your health and wellbeing. I work from the space of the present time, clearing what was and assisting you to choose for your highest good the path into the future. During these sessions I may also have communication with spirit guides or someone from the spirit world that may wish to speak to you. These sessions are transformative, healing and unique to the individual.


Angel Readings are self- explanatory in that I communicate clearly with your Angels.  I paint a clear picture for you to be able to envision what they look like and how they are presenting themselves. It’s a conversation with them to have clarity of who your Angels are, how they are here to help you at this time in your life and what they would like you to know. You may ask them anything you like.


Medium readings are specifically for you to have communication with a loved one or distant loved one who has crossed over into the spirit world. I love doing these sessions! They bring about so much healing, closure, information, guidance and love. You can even find out where they left something that you can’t find in the house or the answer to a question you always wanted to ask but didn’t.

I recently made a visit to Ms. Angela Zeyn. I had recently experienced several traumatic events in my life, including a broken heart, moving three times in six months mostly due to family and financial issues, and multiple horrendous situations at my work. My health was suffering in umpteen ways - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I was at my wits end, to say the very least.

I had sought the aid of psycho therapists for the mental pain and medical professionals for the physical problems I have been encountering, namely a pending decision to have major back surgery. And despite those professionals and 12 Step program aid, I could not break away from the detrimental affects of depression which accompanied the stress.

Then, God provided Angela Zeyn. What a blessing that was! I do believe that God watches over us and He does send help when we really need it. Angela is just what her namesake implies – she is truly an Angel. Her talent and sensitivity to the individual she comes to the aid of are incredible. Angela was able to hone in on my feelings of fear, depression, and low self-esteem which recently surfaced because of all the stress, trauma and recent broken relationship issues I had been experiencing. I was a mess. I didn’t know where else to turn. But, God was listening. Angela came to help me. I am SO grateful to her.

She was undeniably accurate in her interpretation of what my past issues were and with those people who were instrumental to my current state of despair. Most importantly, she was acutely aware of my past traumatic childhood, the affects it and they still had on me which were preventing me from functioning in the most healthful, productive manner. How can anyone function and be responsible to their job and finances when they feel like they’re at the bottom of the well, with no water and no way out?

It is hard to describe Angela’s technique, I had never experienced anything like a session such as the one I had with her. She takes the time to “feel” your energy and aura. She can actually tune in to a person’s mental and emotional state within seconds of beginning her session. It’s nothing weird or out of the ordinary, except for her being able to channel into where you are at the moment. If you need something special, an extra lift, an extra boost, for someone to come from a different direction and help you “see” what is available and what the solutions can be, then Angela is the one to go to.

Keep an open mind – there is SO much out in the Universe that has not been explained as yet. And maybe those elements of the paranormal don’t need a scientific explanation to justify their existence. If it works for you, then let it be.  The important thing is to have FAITH that there are people, or shall I say “Angels”, disguised as human beings. Maybe they come in the form of small gentle souls with soft voices, who are the conduits to a Higher form of life.

 Maybe they come in the form of Angela Zeyn.

With all sincerity,

Evelyn W.


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