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I have been an animal communicator or as some may say a pet psychic for over twenty years. All animals have their own voice but the language they are speaking is not understood by human ears. The animals show us as best they can by their actions or tones of voice what it is that they wish to communicate to us, even still for the most part as humans we are left wondering what it is they are really feeling or trying to convey to us. Telepathy is the universal language spoken and understood by animals and all beings, along with sound and vibration. My teacher who taught me how to communicate with animals was a Burmese Python who lived with me. He was the best and perfect teacher in his silent nature. The only way for me to clearly be able to understand what was going on with him or what he needed was for me to exercise and expand my psychic telepathy. He would come to me in my dreams quite often, which also helped me to learn and understand more about astral travel and spirit communication. As I write about him I think of the many things I learned from him and the blessings he bestowed upon me to be able to communicate with all animals, whether they are domesticated or wild.

During an animal communication session I communicate with your pet and give them a voice to communicate with you what they have to say, how they are feeling and what they may be in need of.  I will also help them understand what it is you wish for them to understand. Being that I am also a clairvoyant medium.

I am able to communicate with your pet who has crossed over the rainbow bridge. To be able to have clear communication with your pet is priceless!

Animal communication sessions can be done in person, telephone or Skype or at one of the many animal communication events that I do.







Angela is a truly gifted healer, intuit and medium. Her ability to see what is unseen is uncanny. She tunes in on a level I have rarely experienced and delivers wisdom that always fills me with a deep knowing and a sense of relief."

  — Sarah Taylor

I first met Angela when she was doing a dog reading at a local pet store. Convinced that I was probably throwing my money away, off  we went. I asked Angela the questions that I've always been wondering about Smudge, and she translated his words back to me. Angela communicated his words about his arthritis, how he wants to deal with the pain, his eyes and hearing loss, his relationship with our us and how happy he is to be with our family. I wore a smile for days! She's a treasure - I'd give her 10 stars if I could. Try her, you won't regret it!

—Cindy K.

"I felt that you cleared a lot of the hate for male energy away/ I also felt as if you got me to empathize with Oink's feelings in a way I hadn't before. It was like we understood each other better. And you also went on that awesome walk with us and got her to go past a point she never had went before. Fear always gripped at her before she would hit the street corner but when you were there and taught me to visualize home to speak to her it really seemed to work, and she went all the way around the block :)"

— Amber A.


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